Can Your Dojo Handle More Students?

Let Us Help Flood Your Martial Arts School With 17-20 New Enrollments This Month!


A Super Simple System

Technology is important to your business, but it’s NOT your business. We give YOU a simple, push-button smartphone app to manage all your leads. No Complicated Systems to Learn or Manage.

To Get Students Fast

You can expect to start receiving contact information from prospective new students within your first 48-72hrs. Your business shouldn’t have to wait for publication release dates, postal delivery services, or future events.

With Results You Can Measure

Numbers matter in business, especially to small business owners. Our marketing system allows you to easily measure the numbers, daily. No more guessing the ROI on coupons or hoping that your print ads will bring in new customers. You can see your numbers working daily all from your smartphone app.

Real Client Results …

Elk Grove, CA

Huntingdon V., PA

Lihue, HI

Rahway, NJ

More Client Results!!


The Go-BIGMartialArtsMarketing System...

There’s no magic here, we’ve worked hard to refine a Super Simple System, That Get Results Fast, with Numbers Our Clients Can Actually Measure!

~Sye & Marcus Wells~ co-founders

Client Shares His Results & Lead Follow-Up Strategies

Having a reliable source of high-quality leads is VERY important, but the fortune lies in the follow-up. Join us for this exclusive 28min information-packed interview with David owner of PMA Huntingdon Valley PA. You will learn how he used our marketing system and his go-getter mentality to close *27* leads in 32 days.

90% of the challenges that martial art school owners face can be solved with more, or more effective, marketing.

Ref: Small Dojo Success Secrets

About Us

Sye & Marcus Wells are the co-founders of Jordan Hunter Digital Marketing. We’ve helped our clients build, shape, and refine their digital business presence since 2009. Our client list includes CEOs, Business Owners, Writers, Authors, and Professional Athletes.

In addition to being business owners, we are parents and Martial Artist. Marcus is currently a Brown Belt in Krav Maga, Sye is currently a Green Belt in Krav Maga, our 14-year-old son Jalen is a Jr. Black Belt (Kenpo), and our 8-year-old son Sebastian is a Red/Black belt (Kenpo). Martial Arts has been a foundational tool for our family for years and it continues to assist in the development of our children.